Borg Collective
Borg Symbol
Type Collective
Founding document (if any) N/A
Leader(s) Borg Queen
Commander-in-chief Locutus of Borg
Capital/Base Unicomplex
Official language Borg language
Currency N/A
Formed Unknown
Dissolved N/A
Conflicts Unknown

The Borg Collective is the term used to define the collective intelligence comprising all members linked together into a hive mind via subspace transceivers and calling themselves the Borg. It was the de facto governing power, as the term was considered by individuals, over all Borg civilization, and is, in the Assimi-Verse, the dominating power in the Milky Way galaxy.

Splinter GroupsEdit

The Borg Collective has, over time, been split into several splinter groups. These consist of various Liberated Drones and/or Splinter Collectives.

Ariana's Borg CollectiveEdit

The LiberatedEdit

Unity CollectiveEdit

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